Changing the


The HAT Accelerator is a start-up and scale-up accelerator programme, helping entrepreneurs and businesses all over the world create a business around HATs, or integrate their offerings with HATs so that they can increase their capability in data and create benefits for individuals, firms and society. 


The HAT Accelerator help firms raise funding, create new capabilities, roll out MVPs within 1 month, and organise pilots as part of the HAT community mission to decentralise personal data control, exchange and use globally.

We partner with some of the world’s leading organisations to help generate growth in the personal data economy, improve societal welfare and create wealth from data in a way that is privacy preserving and scalable.




The starting point of an entrepreneurial journey is the person. 

The mindset, attitude, knowledge, skills - all of which empowers the person to create a business that is innovative and game changing. At the HAT accelerator, our roots in the academic domain give us unique skills to understand entrepreneurs, whether they are 15 or 50, or whether they are students or employees working on weekends. 

The HAT accelerator gives them a chance to build the company they've always wanted to build, for the benefit of all of us who own and control our data. 



Start-ups are at the core of the HAT Community.

We see a future where apps are built on HAT, or would use HAT for privacy-preserving signals that would enable Augmented Intelligence - intelligence that combines personal data with AI. Our startups build awesome services that will be solving tomorrow's problems today.




Our Scale-up programme enable SMEs and other organisations to join the HAT Accelerator to take advantage of the future data economy.

The HAT accelerator will help you create cost-effective pilots that scale-ups can take to market and expedite their growth towards exits or IPOs. 



getting the inside-track on the data economy

We're joining forces with the private and the public sectors. Corporate innovation, venture capital, government, and academia. Help us bring about the future of the data economy.



Your portfolio companies and investment strategy can't afford to ignore the personal data economy. Meet innovative startups that are ready for GDPR, and join our network of startup advisors.


Bring the opportunities of the personal data economy to life for your clients and startups. Learn to use HAT technology to solve company challenges with cyber security, MVP developments, regulatory compliance, and personal privacy.


Watch as new business models and technologies take advantage of the personal data economy, live inside the HAT ecosystem. Add your expertise, insights, and resources to our innovation landscape.


Gather insight and opportunities from the earliest stage companies. Help up cultivate the next generation of startups from idea stage to early investment.


Help your innovators, researchers, and startups take advantage of the privacy-preserving Internet. Use your resources and your ideas to rapidly prototype business models and new organisation with the HAT.


Champion the rights of citizens and businesses at the same time, with new technologies and opportunities in the personal data economy. Use your influence and resources to bring about the next generation of the digital economy.